Fishermen have caught sturgeon fish and harvested roe for thousands of years. Several different types of caviar food products have resulted from these actions. But anyone who has ever eaten caviar before will have their personal opinions about which kind of caviar is the best. Most caviar connoisseurs will turn to osetra caviar as their personal favorite.

Osetra caviar is one of the most popular types of caviar in the world. These eggs originate from the Russian Sturgeon species, sometimes called the Diamond Sturgeon. Naturally, the Russian Sturgeon is caught and harvested in the seawaters around Russia, Iran, Turkey, and Georgia.

Below are the top 4 reasons why everyone loves osetra caviar so much.

Russian Osetra Sturgeon Can Grow to Be Human Size

Russian Osetra Sturgeon can grow longer than 90 inches and gain a total weight of over 250 pounds. To put this into perspective, the tallest person in the world could probably match this fish’s weight and length. But to a harvester, the sturgeon is big enough to produce many large eggs for making caviar food products.

Remember, a bigger sturgeon will produce bigger eggs. Some Russian sturgeon are medium-sized, while others are enormous. So if you like large caviar eggs, then you will enjoy osetra caviar immensely.

Distinct Flavor

Osetra caviar has a very distinct flavor and texture. You’ll find osetra caviar has a particularly salty flavor and smooth texture, with a lovely buttery finish that lasts for several minutes.

If the caviar comes from older sturgeon, then it will taste and feel even better on your tongue. But you can expect to pay more money for roe taken from mature sturgeon. This is because vendors base the price on how much time went into raising and harvesting the fish.

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All osetra caviar is not the same. Besides the age of the osetra sturgeon, other factors can influence the taste and texture of its caviar. Primarily, the quality of the water from which the sturgeon originated will determine how well their eggs turn out.

For instance, if the water contains the proper nutrients for the sturgeon to thrive, they will produce delicious eggs with distinctive colors, textures, sizes, shapes, and flavors. That is why no two osetra caviar products will be exactly the same.

Online Availability

You don’t have to visit any special fish shops to find osetra caviar for sale. Instead, if you search around the internet, you can find several online osetra caviar vendors that’ll ship their products to your address. Then you can enjoy the luxury of some delicious osetra caviar without even having to leave your house.


Osetra caviar has the perfect balance of affordability and variety. Whether you are a caviar connoisseur or a complete caviar newbie, you will enjoy osetra caviar for sure. Give it a chance.