• For your special occasions, present the most prized caviar in A UNIQUE CAVIAR HOLDER  that condenses in itself the essence of Murano glass AND VENETIAN TRADITION. Made in Italy and HANDCRAFTED BY GLASS MASTERS FROM VENICE. Size: Ø 13,5 cm SUITABLE FOR CAVIAR TINS: sizes 15g, 30g,50g,100g Siberian Classic 30gr The best selection of Siberian caviar, which is from Caviar Giaveri production of sturgeons widespreading in Siberian Rivers. It is surely a whim also for the most demanding palate, it is appreciated by the best connoisseurs because it is comparable to the most famous Osietra, it is notable for its pleasant texture, its freshness and that delicate and slightly iodine flavour. Thermo bag Useful for different uses in your daily life: for sunscreens and cosmetics, or just for a sandwich and a drink, or in the gym to keep the drink cool while exercising. 2 mother of pearl spoons Mother of pearl spoons, essential for serving caviar.
Size: 7 cm
  • Dedicated to all Sea lovers. Perfect for your pleasant and friendly dinners, better if in a fancy yacht docked at one of the most fashion European harbours. A special gift for the most welcoming host, to express your gratitude with a little of elegance distinguishing the Luxury Box of Caviar Giaveri. And why not? It’s the best entrée for a seafood dinner under the summer sky for your hard to please guests! And always perfect for your cocktail parties. With the new edition Yacht Master Luxury Selection you can sail in the delicious experience of tasting Beluga Siberian, with its light and elegant sea flavour. 2 mother of pearl spoons completed our Luxury box.

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