• Beluga Siberian

    The experience of tasting the unique flavour of Beluga caviar, exalting your sight with eggs of big size it is among the most exclusive and delicious gastronomic refinements. The minimun salting of the Russian tradition matches the characteristic taste of caviar Beluga, favourite food of Zars and Tsciàs, from the most fashionable European courts to the best restaurants in our days.
  • Beluga Imperial

    Caviar for connoisseurs If you want only the best of Italian excellence, the Beluga 000 Limited Edition is the right caviar for you! A very rare selection of the famous Beluga caviar: an exceptional quality of caviar, characterized by very large eggs and a fantastic pearl gray color. It took 30 years to obtain this caviar par excellence, to be tasted in all its purity for an inimitable and unforgettable taste experience. MAIN FEATURES Species: Huso huso Egg diameter: + 3.5 mm Color: pearl gray Tasting notes: delicate, buttery. The product will arrive at your home with an expiration of 90 days.


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