Beluga is the rarest caviar, which commands the price; it is the most expensive caviar and thus it is considered the most prestigious. However, it’s not necessarily the best unless you equate a higher price with higher quality. While some people actually do prefer Beluga, it is the most subtle of the three varieties. Some people prefer the nuttier Sevruga or the more flavorful Osetra. Some like all three equally, as Bordeaux wine lovers might equally like the distinctly different flavors of different prestigious French wines. As with any food or wine choice, caviar preference is entirely subjective. But because exclusivity breeds snobbery, there are some for whom Beluga is the only caviar; and the typical gray color of Beluga roe is labeled as the highest grade, even though the color has no bearing on taste (i.e., the more gray and silvery the roe, the higher the price the roe commands). For the same money as basic Beluga, many caviar connoisseurs would rather have twice as much Osetra or three times as much Sevruga.